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István was born and grew up in the beech forest in Hungary and has been interested from an early age with forests and water systems. He has always felt connected to his surroundings while observing aquaculture while fishing as a small boy.

István studied painting and art in Hungary, he also ran a building company until he started travelling in 2001, where he was introduced to Permaculture in 2003.
He continued travelling and got involved in Permaculture farming projects, living and travelling in communities. Harvesting wild fruits while organic farming along his travels. István has experience working within the European climates from northern cold humid to southern Mediterranean.

Since 2006 he has been based in Ireland where he developed a property service business specializing in sustainable house retrofitting and land management to provide better living spaces for clients and training for employees.

He lived off-grid, providing for his own energy, water & food security - this gave him more connection to the land and to his local community and came to realize the importance of educating people, in particular from a community perspective.

This led him to see the needs of the local community and immersed himself in local voluntary community development projects; waste management, water harvesting, food waste and food rescue, community forestry, fair share, bartering and working with exchange rather than money, He has been involved in helping to set up the community gardens in Clonakilty, and a successful school gardens in the local secondary school, where he has developed an educational curriculum for the teachers and students to follow.

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