Permaculture Introduction Intensive Course


The next Permaculture Introduction Workshop will be in Hungary, Zebegény at the official place of Gyüttment Festival 20-22 August 2018

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Basic understanding of permaculture

What you will learn

  • Permaculture principles: Overview of permaculture design and the philosophy / ethics behind permaculture.
  • Concepts and themes in design: begin to understand the components stability, diversity, order, chaos, yields, resources, time sequences- that are the strength of our systems. It will become clear why nature is our model and how the interactions with the natural systems create resilience.
  • Methods of designing: You learn to analyse what components should go into a design, how natural systems can and should be included. And where these things are best positioned on the site as a holistically engaged environment.
  • Pattern understanding: Patterns are recurring forms of events that we can find all around us in nature. Understanding these basic underlying patterns of natural phenomena is a powerful tool for design.
  • Trees & tree energy transaction: You will learn about the complex interactions between trees and their physical environment.
  • Water and aquaculture: Water is the one that connects it all, in this section you will learn about specific strategies of water conservation and control for the humid climate of Ireland, and for specific land form sections.
  • Soil: Soil is a precious resource and we will learn about repairing soils healthy food web through various ways of stimulating the soil food web with techniques like compost extract, bio-fertilizers, and chop and drop.
  • Earthwork: Earthworks set the framework for garden bed or food forest creation and is inextricably tied to harnessing the energetic exchange of water in the landscape.
    Social permaculture: Here we will go into the social element of permaculture and how we can create local communities moving towards a sustainable future.

Each of the chapters will give you a basic introduction of Bill Morrison: Permaculture design manual.

Lead Facilitator
István Márkuly

Permaculture Mainframe Designer, Consultant, Implementer, Teacher (West Cork).

As a Local Community Developer working on establishing and growing the permaculture network in West Cork, Ireland and initiating Permaculture waves across the country. His experience is expanding and diversifying through international participation and earth work management from wetland to dryland.
István have a certificate of Sustainable Horticulture and Permaculture at Kinsale Collage and also completed completed numerous permaculture training programs, also learning from those who are leading the way in their field, such as: Warren Brush, Paul Taylor and Geoff Lawton. He is a co-founder of Earth Environmental Education, providing easy understanding through the principles of permaculture to help motivate and inspire others to naturally include the principles of Permaculture into their lives.

Permaculture Resources Ireland, Earth Environmental Education, István Márkuly


Event info

  • About the area: Zebegény, Hungary, at the official place of Gyüttment Festival.
  • Participating fee: 20 eur/day.
  • Booking – limited until aug. 19 –
  • The training is an official pre-program of Gyüttment Festival, which starts at aug. 20.

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