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Here is one of the projects to demonstrate the possibilities to provide productive living environments.

Jane’s Garden

This design is about bringing more wildlife and beauty to Jane Forrester’s garden in Enniskeane, while creating a resilient and low maintenance environment.

As she lives peacefully her 78th year on Earth on a half-acre land where where she occasionally still crafts tableware in her pottery workshop,, Jane finds it every time more time-consuming and vain to spend such a big part of her time on cutting that annoying grass.that stifles her yummy vegetables. She wants to wake up to the song of the birds, contemplate colorful flowers and trees, and grow edible plants without too much effort.

The design as thought by István Márkuly basically consists in turning everything inside out for a resilient and auto–regenerative landscape to emerge :

On the highest section of the garden, a pond couple with low-maintenance aquaculture will be the center for fertility in the land : as nutrients accumulate in the pond and leach into the ground, the flow will be regulated by swales which fit the existing shape of the land and allow a slow circulation of nutrients through the soil for them to be the most taken advantage of by the trees.

Also on most of the garden area, the soil will be turned inside-out for a depth of 30-cm, under which chipped wood branches currently stacked at the back of the place will be laid down. Trees will be densely planted on this surface, ans as they establish their roots to feed from the deepest layers of the soil,wild flower seeds will turn the place into a highly colorful meadow until the trees get old enough to make the ecosystem turn into a woodland.

Some of the trees will aim to be harvested for their fruit, as some already existing artichoke plants who actually enjoy woodland environments will keep on growing there.

All of the annual vegetables will be grown closer to the cottage together with a herb garden, making it easier for for Jane to take care of them, and the current vegetable garden will be turned into a nursery with perennial beds. We already covered most of the surface with cardboard to stifle the grass so that we can soon delimitate the growing beds and create paths;

We start the heavy work next Tuesday (20/03) with the digger and all of the big tools, and a community tree planting is set up for next Friday (23/03) from 11 AM to 2 PM, you are welcome to join if you wish to give a hand ! 🙂

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