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Mastering Permaculture Vision

Lifechanging adult education and Workshops around sustainability


Paul Taylor, Istvan Markuly, Adam Afoullouss, Mary Reynolds, Jim Cronan, Andrew st Ledger, Bill Liao, Suzie Cahn, Eimhin David Callanan


Short description

PDC it is an ethical design science which allows you to understand the natural way of living. It applies ecologically intelligent economical design. PDC isn’t only about techniques.
Why This Course?
This PDC is a life change event
/ which helps you to understand the natural pathways and throughout those patterns enables you to amplify this design on any system.
is based on the Bill Mollison’s philosophy
/ which implements a world wide life change.
is unique
/ because on this way It has never been presented in Ireland:
The facilitators of the course are either developers, teachers or the students of the Australian Permaculture Research Institute (PRI). Guest teachers are all local specialists of Ireland.
The place itself is an ongoing permaculture farm since 23 years, thus it has the basic principles of permaculture in action:
Earth care: tropical garden, aquaculture, ongoing researches
People care: healing ceremonies
Fair share: We’d like to share all of this with You!

We live what we teach!

What You’ll Learn

If You attend this PDC course You’re going to get: a complex design exercise which teaches a deep understanding of managing natural energy: water, soil, trees.
You’ll walk away with the knowledge of all the natural patterns; all the climates zones – doesn’t matter where are you from, nor that to where are you going to: you can be designing anywhere.