Sustainable Soil Management Learn more about Soil Health First Part 22-23.02.2018


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Natural soil &  management Come & Learn how to use techniques from the Anaerobic digestion to the aerobic composting process use local material create hot compost ,wormy compost. mulch system,understanding natural cycle  

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           Sustainable Soil Management

‘Increase fertility, reduce costs and improve harvest’

A 5-day course

Course curriculum

Part 1: 3-day course –  ‘ Building soil fertility’

Part 2: 2-day course – Make your own Bio-Fertilizers and soil amendments


Session 1

Introducing concepts: Building humus, waste to wealth, commercial composting systems, making Bio-Vital compost defining

Understanding the science of soil microbes.vital compost, how fungi moves nutrients, pH and microbes.

Soil Pro-biotic specialist compost as a primary key to a holistic farm management system.

Compost tea application methods, from simple to sophisticated.

Cost of compost tea and benefits over time, immediate benefits and the path to sustainability. Define ‘sustainability’ from         Permaculture Manual

Hands on experience of the technical aspects of making compost tea and growing soil microbes. Q & A on-going through this process.

At the end of this session the participants will have a “hands on” experience of actually making compost tea and seeing microbiological activity in diversity in the tea samples.

This workshop is focused on presenting a complex science of soil microbes and the principles of soil biology, coupled with plant nutrition as Bio-Fertilizer. This is taught in an “easy to understand” format so that everyone can embrace the benefits, prepare for the change ahead, achieve sustainability and profitability while enjoying working on the land.

At the end of this session the participants should have a very good idea of the bio-fertilizer technology and its importance as a support for plants during the regeneration of soils, given its powerful and effective action on most plants health and productivity.

 Bio-fertilizer brewing.  ‘Phosical’ demonstrations and uses (outdoor, hands on)

Hands on experience of the technical aspects of making bio-fertilizer as a fermentation.

Applying the system for soil regeneration, high production horticulture, broad acre farming and community gardens.

Q&A   focused on the various preparations and the overall experience of the day. At the end of the session participants will have a series of cheap and easy made recipes elaborated mostly from local resources to make their own preparations to use in their crops.

 Working with the microscope, looking at the microbial activity of the compost, the compost tea and the bio-fertilizer

Lead Facilitator:

Istvan Markuly


Local community developer who is working on establishing and growing the permaculture network in West Cork, Ireland and initiating Permaculture Waves across the country! He has taken PDC’s and Permaculture workshop internationally learning also from many others who are leading the way in their field, like Paul Taylor, Geoff Lawton and Warren Brush  continues to grow his knowledge with many others. He is a co-founder of Earth Environmental Education, providing easy understanding through the principles of permaculture which might make people feel


                                                                   Motivated, Zestful and Dynamic

The day is including

Wholesome meal  once  day, all day tea and coffee available / Let us know if you are on vegetarian, vegan, or any other special diet.


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