Sustainable Soil Management – Increase fertility, reduce costs and improve harvest –


What is soil? How is it structured, and how do we maintain optimum soil health?This applied course examines the practical application of the processes of building fertility, making biofertilizers and soil amendments, soil type identification and testing, and gives a clear picture of soil biology, and of a healthy soil food web. We redefine ‘sustainable agriculture’ as ‘our ability to build soil fertility as we improve production and reduce cost and labor’.


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Sustainable Soil Management
‘Increase fertility, reduce costs and improve harvest’
A 5-day course




PART 1: 3-days course – ‘ Building soil fertility’

Part 2: 2-days course – Make your own Bio-Fertilizers and soil amendments
Session 2 (2nd morning session day 1): 90 minutes (white board presentation) Soil Pro-biotic (specialist ‘compost tea’) and specialist compost as a primary key to a holistic farm management system.
Sessions 3 & 4 (afternoon day 1): 2 x 90 minute sessions (white board and projector) Understanding the science of soil microbes.
Sessions 5 & 6 (morning sessions day 2): The science and practice of making soil pro-biotix™ (AACT actively aerated compost tea)
Session 7 & 8 (afternoon day 2): Compost tea brewing as a plant and soil pro-biotic: Hands on experience of the technical aspects of making compost tea and growing soil microbes. Q & A on-going through this process.
Sessions 9 & 10 (morning sessions day 3): 2 x 90 min sessions: The science and practice of making specialist compost.
Sessions 11 & 12 (afternoon sessions day 3): Hands on composting

PART 2: Curriculum Days 4 & 5 of the ‘soils workshop’
Make your own Bio-Fertilizers and organic preparations
(Bio-fertilizers: 8 x 90 min sessions over 2 days)
Bio-fertilizer and mineral preparations
Sustainable plant nutrition and ‘food for free’

Session 1 : (morning session day 4)
(Connection between the nutritional quality of plants, plant stress and plant pathogens begin hands on outside)
Session 2: (morning day 4) Introduction to Bio-fertilizer 90 minutes
Session 3 & 4: 90 minutes each (afternoon day 4)
Session 6 & 7: Mineral preparations: 90 min each (outdoor and hands on)
Instructions for some mineral preparations elaboration
Session 8: 1.5 hours (last session day 5) Working with the microscope, looking at the microbial activity of the compost, the compost tea and the bio-fertilizer

Permaculture Compost Rave Bali


FOOD 2 meals will be provided daily, please advise of any special dietary needs by emailing Teas and coffees will be available onsite.






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