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Beach trees act as giant alchemists who turn excess CO2 into biomass.

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Every two days around 800 square kilometres of forest cover are lost worldwide. Conversion to agricultural land, unsustainable harvesting of timber, unsound land management practices, and creation of human settlements are the most common reasons for this loss of forested areas.

Here is a chance for you to participate towards reconstructing a lush and green Ireland.

Trees are the only living elements that can actually absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as wood in their trunks, branches and roots even in the soil around them. Trees can heal  everything around them : climate, air, living systems, water tables, soil creation…
By deeply affecting the carbon exchanges around them through the soil, whose lifeforms are the basis of plant fertility, they make it possible for widely balanced lifeforms to emerge. Their complexity also allows for wildlife shelters and beauty in our landscape.

Beech trees can reach impressive dimensions up to 30 meters high and live for hundreds of years ! They serve as hosts for many species of insects and the big branches they drop are the home for a variety of hole-nesting birds.

We will be sending you a confirmation e-mail containing the precise GPS coordinates of your Beech tree so that you can visit it in a years time, a couple of years and decades into the future. 

Permaculture Resources Ireland is a team of sustainable forest management experts committed to re-establish a self-regenerative ecosystem in Ireland and all the trees are to be planted in native forest projects, agroforestry or ecological restoration initiatives.


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