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Open weekend launches Permaculture Wave

~ With ~
 Mary Reynolds, Suzie Cahn, Adam Afuollouss, Istvan Markuly ,Andrew st Ledger
 2017, May 19-20-21 25-26
Bawnaknockane, The Laurels, Ballydehob, West Cork

~ Permaculture Wave ~

Is a month long intensive series of Permaculture Courses

* PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) (19 May-2 June) * Sustainable Soil Management (5-9 June) * Permaculture Teacher Training (12-16 June)

The wave starts with:

~ Permaculture Social Weekend ~

Our teachers are:

 Mary Reynolds

Landscape designer, Author of The Garden Awakening: Designs To Nurture Our Land and Ourselves

Suzie Cahn

Educator, Mum of 4, Permaculture designer, Natural builder, Nature lover, Artist, Art & eco therapist

Adam Afoullouss

Permaculture Consultant, Designer and Implementer

Ancient Permaculture

Istvan Markuly

Permaculture Mainframe Designer, Consultant, Implementer, Teacher

West Cork Permaculture & Earth Environmental Education 

Time schedule from Friday to Sunday

May19.) Social Networking – with Istvan Markuly, Adam Afoullouss

  • 10 am-12:30 am Istvan & Adam are launching the day;
  • 2 pm-5 pm Istvan & Adam ~ “Think global, act local!”  Through the observation of the eco system We are able to see the natural conection between all things.  The key is in those techniques with which We can bring these connections into Our every day life – wether It is family, friendship, community or business.

 May20.) Introduction to Permaculture
with Istvan Markuly and Suzie Cahn

This workshop teaches the basic principles of Permaculture, in addition, gives tools to help You work with the dynamics of nature.

If You are to manage a piece of land, or You’d like to learn the ecological way, look at your project from the Permaculture perspective:

* see and think in patterns;

* find the best place for each element in your project;

* work with maximum efficiency;

* make the most out of natural resources – water, soil, trees.

The function of your area can have any scale – garden or farm, also community or commercial.

May 21   Istvan Markuly, Adam Afoullouss

Ancient Permaculture to the Future 


May25.)Andrew st Ledger

 My presentation is called, “The Great Forest of Aughty”, an active local native woodland restoration project in East Clare and South Galway, tracing the footprints of an ancient oak forest.


May26.) Connection with Nature – with Mary Reynolds

This day is going to be a walking day in nature along which stroll Mary teaches how to deepen Our connection with the surrounding living environment.

Time Schedule in General

Breakfast 9 am-10 am

Morning class 10 am-1 pm

Lunch 1 pm-2 pm

Afternoon class 2 pm-5 pm with a Coffee&Tea break


For the whole weekend (200 €) click here:

Permaculture Wave Social Weekend – May 19-20-21  25-26

This option includes 3 times meal a day, all day tea and coffee and accommodation!

 /For private room please send Us a message./

(((The Social Weekend is included in the PDC course!)))

Each day: 80 €

 This option includes lunch, tea and coffee all day.

/ If You are to book one day only never mind the “system information”. It is good enough if You let Us know in a comment (at the bank or Pay Pall surface) which day or days would You like to participate. Thank You for Your understanding!/

~ Come and Learn Permaculture – It Will Serve You for a Lifetime!  ~

Click there for more info about the Permaculture Wave Courses:

 PDC   Sustainable Soil Management   Teacher Training