Introduction to the permaculture Clonakilty 14 Jan 2017


    Introduction to Permaculture is an overview of the basic principles and patterns a amplified in                                                                                             Permaculture    Design.  

                  This workshop offers actual techniques & strategist which work with the dynamics of nature
Dip your toe into the world of permaculture by coming along to this one day Introduction to Permaculture course. You’ll discover what permaculture is and isn’t, the foundational ethics and principles of permaculture, and some basic design tools you can start applying to your own space straight away.
You’ll have fun with the interactive facilitation styles and never look at your home the same way again!
If you’ve been thinking about taking a Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) and not sure about taking that leap, the Introduction to Permaculture is a good taster and may help you decide whether a PDC is for you
   Workshop taking place in McCurtain Hill & Clonakilty community garden 
Day including home made lunch & tea & coffee.

   Anyone can benefit from this course especially those who wish to ecologically manage a piece of land of any scale, be it a garden, farm, community or land for commercial use.  You do not have to have land to be active in the world of permaculture.


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      Basic understanding of permaculture What you will learn: You will learn how to see your project from a Permaculture perspective: it means to see and think in patterns; to find the best place for each element in your project with maximum efficiency; to make the most out of natural resources such as water, soil, and trees . Learn from nature to live and work in tune with this island and it’s abundant natural resources. Use Permaculture design -a practical approach to creating productive and functional eco-systems for garden, farm,or example how we can create community based living system or just us the principle in every day life Introduction to Permaculture through Earth Care, People care, and Fair-share Nature connection -learning from the wild. Permaculture ethics, design tools, patterns and principles to help create productive systems that function in harmony with natural patterns and forces. Social permaculture; connection with each other, and local and global networks, self organising systems. Collaborative design of a community center space. Integrated nature and community needs; designing for regenerative communities.

Thinking like an eco-system; personal, group and community well being Water and soil systems



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