Introduction Social Permaculture Day An Gáirdín Organic Garden and Ecology Centre Nov 25


          Introduction to Permaculture is an overview of the basic principles and patterns a amplified in                                                                                             Permaculture    Design.  

                  This workshop offers actual techniques which work with the dynamics of nature.

   Anyone can benefit from these information who are to ecologically manage a piece of land of any scale – may it be a garden, farm,                                                                                                                                 community or commercial use.

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    Basic understanding of permaculture

                   What you will learn:

   You will learn how to see your project from a Permaculture perspective: it means to see and think in patterns; to find the best place for each element in your project with maximum efficiency; to make the most out of natural resources such as water, soil, and trees

.         Learn from nature to live and work in tune with this island and it’s abundant natural resources.
Use Permaculture design -a practical approach to creating productive and functional eco-systems for garden, farm,or  example how we can  create community based  living system or just  us the principle in  every day life
 Introduction to Permaculture through Earth Care, People care, and Fairshare
 Nature connection -learning from the wild.
Permaculture ethics, design tools, patterns and principles to help create productive systems that function in harmony with natural patterns and forces.
Social permaculture; connection with each other, and local and global networks, self organising systems.
Collaborative design of a community centre space.
Integrated nature and community needs; designing for regenerative communities.
Thinking like an eco-system; personal, group and community wellbeing
Water and soil systems.

About the  center

    In 1994, a small group of us Mercy Sisters in Clonfert Diocese came together to find new ways of expressing our commitment to the Earth. We were awakening to the vision of Earth as a living organism, a great web of interconnectedness and interdependent life. We shared the desire to rediscover together who we humans are as a strand of this magnificent web. You could say we shared the desire to ‘come home’ to Earth after a long absence. And so An Gáirdín came into being!

At that time the site of the Rural Domestic School here in Portumna, which had taught agriculture and traditional crafts and skills for a hundred years, became available to us. “To make again a garden of this place” (Elisabeth Roberts) became our motto as we set out to learn to live in communion with one another and with the great diversity of life around us.

The garden needed some rest and healing following its years of generous production. It had time to lie fallow and renew itself before we began to do some organic growing. We welcomed back the hens and ducks. Our house was built on the site of the old dairy. We carefully sourced natural, renewable and recycled material. We installed the geo-thermal ground source heating system, a very new technology then.

Currently, our Education Programme and our Organic Growing are facilitated by a team of six people, two of whom are Mercy Sisters. As the need arises we can call on volunteers. A small group of those who share An Gáirdín’s vision meet regularly for support, study and reflection. Our most recent undertaking has been the provision of a building, adequate to meet the needs of our expanding range of courses and events. This has been a work of collaboration and every aspect of the building is a demonstration of sustainable practice.

Lead Facilitator: 

’ I teach self-reliance, the world’s most subversive practice. I teach people how to grow their own food, which is shockingly subversive, so yes,it’s seditious, but it’s peacceful sedition.’ Bill Morrison

Lead Facilitator:

 Istvan Markuly

Permaculture Mainframe Designer, Consultant, Implementer, Teacher West Cork Permaculture & Earth Environmental Education 
Local community developer who is working on establishing and growing the permaculture network in West Cork, Ireland and initiating Permaculture Waves across the country! He has taken PDC’s and Permaculture workshop internationally learning also from many others who are leading the way in their field, such as: Paul Taylor, Geoff Lawton and Warren Brush.  He is a co-founder of Earth Environmental Education, providing easy understanding through the principles of permaculture to help motivate and inspire others to naturally inculde the principles of Permaculture into their lives.


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