Cryptocurrency Donation


Cryptocurrency donations for a sustainable future:

  • faircoin address qrFairCoin: fQ5J4W2TqeFuT4XSDKTqWQrXcpe27r4tYE
  • bitcoin address qrBitCoin: 125rRjKzx6LXvzc7KdknLJZqAvnKHPrxhg
  • ethereum address qrEthereum: 0x402546401765b28a2c42515a93d434f1c58dcfd0
  • Litecoin address qrLiteCoin: LUwCZHatQkLyt3ykKGPSohKBBdc22BD4Hm
  • Bitcoin/Altcoin …or select Bitcoin/Altcoin at checkout

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We sincerely thank you for your love and support. We couldn’t be more blessed having people like you on this planet and sharing the amazing work for a sustainable future of our children.


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